The general terms and conditions of the Relaxcampingplatz Am Teupitzer See (valid from 01.01.2020)

We are pleased that you have chosen our campsite and wish you a relaxing stay at Lake Teupitz. In order to make your stay pleasant and relaxed, we kindly ask you to observe the following rules:

1. Access to the campsite is allowed only after registration at the reception. This also applies to short-term visitors.

2. Permanent campers / long-term vacationers are obliged to register their day and overnight guests and to pay the corresponding fee in the reception. The current price list applies.

3. Please be considerate of other guests and avoid disturbing noise. In particular, radios, televisions, CD players, musical instruments, etc. are to be used considerately and quietly.

4. Quiet hours are from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. and from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m.. During the hours of rest it is not allowed to drive on the campsite.

5. Our waste disposal concept is based on ecological principles. We therefore ask you to sort your garbage in an environmentally conscious manner and to deposit it separately in the appropriate containers. We ask you to dispose of waste water in our disposal stations.

6. The building of open fires (e.g. campfires) is forbidden in Brandenburg.
When grilling with charcoal, the safety regulations as well as the current forest fire warning levels (see notice at the reception) must be observed. Furthermore: Smoking is only allowed either on your own pitch or in designated smoking zones. Smoking in the cottages and sanitary facilities is strictly prohibited. Please dispose of cigarette butts only in ashtrays.

7. The person who caused the damage is responsible for the damage to the facilities and equipment of the campsite: claims for damages will be asserted against him/her. We are not liable for theft or damage of our guests' property by third parties or by force majeure as well as injuries or accidents on our campsite.

We therefore recommend private provision in the form of camping insurance.

8. Vehicles are only allowed to drive at walking speed (10km/h) from the barrier to the campsite. In general, only vehicles of registered campers and their visitors have access. Motorcycles and mopeds may be moved during the rest periods only with the engine turned off. Parking is only allowed in the designated area. Driving on the campsite is allowed only for assembly or disassembly or in agreement with the management.

9. Cleanliness is surely as important for you as for us. Therefore we ask you to leave the sanitary facilities clean and not to enter shower cabins with street shoes. Children up to 6 years old are allowed to enter and use the sanitary facilities only when accompanied by an adult.

10. On the barbecue area or when barbecues are provided, the grill must be cleaned immediately after barbecuing and the barbecue area must be left clean. The same applies to the use of the seating groups on the campsite.

11. Washing up of dishes, pots, etc. must be done at the washing places. Washing up in the sanitary facilities is not allowed.

12. All pets brought to the campsite must be registered and must be kept on a leash. Contamination by dogs is not allowed on the campsite. If this should happen nevertheless once, they are to be removed by the animal owner immediately. In addition, according to the dog owner ordinance of the state of Brandenburg, no "dangerous" dogs may be brought along. Dogs are not allowed in the vacation homes of the campsite.

13. Safety: Your stay with us is bound to the presentation of a valid test certificate for liquid gas installations in vehicles (and awnings/tents) = Gas-TÜV.
This test certificate must be presented at the time of registration in order to ensure both your safety and the safety of the other guests.

14. In exercise of the domiciliary right the management may refuse the admission of persons or expel them from the site, if this appears necessary for the maintenance of safety and order on the campsite and in the interest of the guests. Alcoholized guests and visitors are not allowed to stay at the Relaxcamping Am Teupitz See. Guests who grossly or repeatedly violate these camping regulations must expect to be expelled.

Cancellation conditions

No cancellation fees will be charged up to 4 weeks prior to arrival. For later cancellations the following fees will be charged:

3-4 week 30 % of the accommodation price
2-3 week 50 % of the accommodation price
1-2 week 80 % of the accommodation price
from 1 week 100 % of the overnight stay price

The management Relaxcampingplatz Am Teupitzer See